Wildfire Monitoring with Drones

We are developing autonomous drone swarms for fighting forest fires. Our solution with drone technology and AI revolutionizes the monitoring and prediction of fires. Our flexible and scalable swarms seamlessly integrate into existing systems. Improve your response times and operational efficiency with us as your partner for a safe and sustainable future.

Increase Fire Response

Saxon Switzerland 2022

burned hectars​
millionen euro damage​

Europe 2022

burned hectars
billion euro damage​
megatonnes CO2​

Wildfire Solution

Real-Time Data When It Counts

Our innovative drone fire mapping solution enables the real-time generation of thermal maps during flights. The collected data speeds up the identification and containment of fires, facilitating timely intervention to prevent wildfires from escalating out of control.

✅ Customizable and precise firedetection
✅ Centimeter-level accuracy
✅ Real-time data analysis
✅ Cost-effective


Automated Fire Detection
Unlock AI's potential! Swiftly analyze fire sources in real time for your drone exploration with our automated insights.
Fire Prediction
Embrace proactive firefighting! Our advanced model predicts and prioritizes fires using drone, satellite, and ground sensor data for efficient resource deployment.
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